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  1. UL Men's Basketball

    by , December 12th, 2011 at 09:44 am (UL Men's Basketball)
    Ready to see EXPLOSIVE PLAYER ALAN-MICHAEL THOMPSON hit the floor tonight. He's a ticking time bomb sittin on the bench waiting to fire. GO UL!
    Ragin' Cajuns
  2. Tulane

    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
    All time fastest football player---Don't doubt me ---well I am almost positive!!!!


    Tauriac ran the fastest 60 meters in the NATION! Just ask the Rocket Ismail what the bottom of Troy's spikes look like.
    Ragin' Cajuns
  3. One of our own - Wael Badawy

    Leader Under 40: Wael Badawy

    President, IntelliView Technologies Inc. MS + PhD Computer Engineering, University of Louisiana; BS + MS Computer Science + Automatic Control Engineering, University of Alexandria
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  4. Introducing "The Cajun Cou-yons"

    I'd like to introduce a group of fans that organized last year to express their rabid passion for UL basketball. These college kids grew up attending UL games and bleed vermillion red. Patterned after Duke's Cameron Crazies, they have attempted to gather a following by word of mouth among friends and more recently, facebook. The basketball coaches have expressed excitement at the idea. Even "some" higher ups loved it. At this time they are attempting to enlarge its presence by inviting ...
    Ragin' Cajuns
  5. Pride of Acadiana

    I just wanted to get the opionion of other UL supporters about the the band, I think its time the band add more songs to its list. seems each and every game or event we hear the same songs.

    What do you think
    Ragin' Cajuns
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