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Ragin' Cajuns

  1. Take a Kid to the Game

    Someone at work told me that this Saturday game any child under 12 would be admitted free with an adult. Does anyone know if this is a true fact?
  2. Loved our GREAT VICTORY!!!!!!

    IM reading about that trade school up north crying cause they lost cause of injuries.. crying like little girls because our guys competed to the last second. SCREW them!!! If they could have put 100 poiints on us they would have,.. WE won period and furthermore, after 2 sub par games our guys performed excellent and showed heart !!!! Im am so proud of our team and thanks to coach HUD for putting the wood to that trade school!!!!!! PROUD TO BE LOUISIANA
  3. 2012-13 men's basketball poster

    Recently picked up 2012-13 men's basketball poster 100 Seasons.
    I can name many of the players shown but would like some help
    in naming others. Maybe someone can help me out or direct me
    to someone who can. Thanks. Go Cajuns Beat Warhawks.
  4. Tailgating

    Anyone tailgating for the UL and ULM this weekend
  5. ulm

    Eventhough I hate their guts, Ulm has alot of heart and those boys dont know the meaning of the word quit. We gonna have to bring our A plus game to beat those chumps
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