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  1. Loved our GREAT VICTORY!!!!!!

    IM reading about that trade school up north crying cause they lost cause of injuries.. crying like little girls because our guys competed to the last second. SCREW them!!! If they could have put 100 poiints on us they would have,.. WE won period and furthermore, after 2 sub par games our guys performed excellent and showed heart !!!! Im am so proud of our team and thanks to coach HUD for putting the wood to that trade school!!!!!! PROUD TO BE LOUISIANA
  2. ulm

    Eventhough I hate their guts, Ulm has alot of heart and those boys dont know the meaning of the word quit. We gonna have to bring our A plus game to beat those chumps
  3. one step at a time

    well, lets don't get all depressed about the okla st game. Rather than concentrating on the negatives, lets be glad about how we didn't give up. Remember, Coach Hud has the task of not only upgrading the program, but every aspect of our beloved program.. Our freshmen competed and we did make mistakes . This was the first step of a new system, attitude, and direction toward building a respectable program. As with any change, sometimes there will be bumps in the road that you have to fix along the ...
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