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  1. Injured Olympians Turn to Tape: The Sticky Science of Kinesio Tape
  2. Friendly tailgate spots for our UL students to swing by...
  3. CRUISING toward UL Scholarships
  4. Meet the New Orleans Bowl Champs and help a Great Charity
  5. What do you guys think of this New Orleans bowl collage?
  6. Meet the New Orleans Bowl Champs Feb 16th in Abbeville (more info)
  7. Personal Message from Brett Baer...
  8. Why Four Workouts a Week May Be Better Than Six
  9. Abbeville Firemen team up with Cajuns to raise money
  10. Upcoming KPA events for the LLS
  11. Brett Baer offering Kicking/Punting/Soccer Lessons
  12. Invitation to Ragin Pagin for March 15th event at Bourgeois Hall
  13. Ichiro's Workout Gym
  14. Local Stars helped, Media from Bourgeois Hall ! Help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!
  15. 24x30 mixed media acrylic on canvas of 2011 MVP Blaine Gautier....feedback accepted 8-)
  16. 7 Year Old Cancer Patient Scores TD For Nebraska
  17. Cale Langlinais passed away today....I want to thank a few special UL players
  18. 'Cale's Team' raises $104,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; Campbell named Man of the Year
  19. RCAF Auction Sneak Peak
  20. More memorabilia for the Ragin Cajun Athletic Celebration this Saturday
  21. RCAC Auction Rules and Pay/Pickup Instructions
  22. Thank you KPA (Kinesiology Professionals Association)
  23. UL KPA Fundraiser can win you a Caribbean Cruise for 2 (Offer lasts until the end of Sept)
  24. Why Runners Donít Get Knee Arthritis
  25. Hollis Conway KPA Guest Speaker October 15th