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  1. Percussion Ensemble Concert
  2. Looking Forward: Festival of the Arts 2012
  3. Festival of the Arts Full Schedule
  4. Trimpin: The Sound of Invention
  5. Multiple Sights Auction
  6. UL Performing Arts to Present Antonine Mailletís The Rabble [Les Crasseux]
  7. Community Day to Provide Art Workshops for All Ages
  8. Community Day debuts at UL's Festival of the Arts
  9. Four Hands Piano Concert with Chee-Hung Toh & Dennis Lee
  10. Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition
  11. 2012 State of LA Danse Auditions
  12. College of the Artís Animation named Best in South!
  13. Gloria Fiero Lecture Series to Highlight Improvisational J___ with Faculty Membe
  14. Hilliard Museum unveils a fall full of art
  15. Beaux Arts Ball 2012
  16. Artist Sharon Kopriva to provide lecture October 24
  17. University of Louisiana Opera Theatre Presents: Comedy Tonight
  18. State of LA Danse to be held November 8-11th
  19. Fall Choral Concert November 6th
  20. Little Libraries
  21. UNIV100: First Year Success
  22. Louisiana Brass Quintet
  23. Deborah Cornell Artist Lecture Feb 4th
  24. Meet Ray McIntyre, Jr., SPARK 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
  25. ArTech Fusion 13 will be held March 8th